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2nd Annual Henderson Fall Cup

Henderson Fall Cup Rules


50% Playing time rule also applies to overtime periods. (Rec teams only)


Players, coaches, and spectators are expected to act in the nature of "Fair Play" at all times.  Abuse of the referees will not be tolerated and will result in a send-off.  In the event of a spectator, the send-off will be issued to the coach. The referee may end any game at any time where abuse is present, and the game will be considered final.  Abuse of opponents will also result in a send-off.  At the discretion of the tournament director, teams can be removed from the tournament for abusive conduct by players, coaches, or spectators.  Coaches and spectators are not allowed on the field without the referee signaling them on. Player, Coaches, and Spectators are not allowed in the Scoring/Referee area, and must direct all questions to the tournament headquarters.  Teams in violation of this rule may be removed from the tournament by the tournament director.

Once game time temperature exceeds 90 degrees, the Tournament Director may institute water breaks (mandatory or referee's discretion).  The water break duration of 2 minutes would occur in the 1st and 2nd halves of play and the official time will not stop.

We ask that you please DO NOT use air horns during the tournament.  This is one method of communicating during bad weather across the complex.  Even if the sun is out, please refrain from the use of air horns.

Players may only play on ONE team for the tournament, no exceptions.

Should it be determined by the Cup & Game Committee or Tournament Director that an ineligible player/coach participates in a game, that team will be removed from the tournament.  All games played and any remaining scheduled games are subject to be declared a forfeit.

12 U and younger recreational play, shall NOT engage in heading the ball in games.

When a player deliberately heads the ball in a game, an indirect free kick should be rewarded to the opposing team from the spot of the offense. If the deliberate header occurs within the goal area, the indirect free kick should be taken on the goal area line parallel to the goal line at the point nearest to where the infringement occurred.

If a player does not deliberately head the ball, then the play should continue.


Build Out Rule: 7v7 format ONLY.  No punting is allowed. 

1. All players on the same team will be required to wear the same color uniforms with unique permanent numbers (except the goalkeeper – who should be identified by number on the roster). In case of color conflict, the home team will wear shirts of a non-conflicting color (pennies may be used over the jersey to resolve color conflicts). The home team is listed either first or on the top in each schedule. Home Team will occupy either the North or West side of the playing field.

2. All referee decisions are final.

3. The only protests allowed are for ineligible player and misapplications of the laws of the game that the referee admits. All protests must have a material impact on the outcome of the game and be reported in writing, alone with a One Hundred Dollar ($100) cashier’s check, money order or cash.

4. The Tournament Director, or his designee, is empowered to make all decisions regarding the competition during the tournament.

5. The decision of the Tournament Director is final in all matters. No appeals will be allowed beyond that point.

6. In the event of inclement weather, the format for tournament play and/or for the completion of the tournament will be determined by the Tournament Committee.

7. Each team (U12 through U19) must have a minimum of seven (7) players on the field to start the game. There must be a minimum of six (6) players to continue the game. In under 10 and under 9 six (6) players are required, Under 4 to Under 8 three (3) players are required.

8. A game shall be declared a forfeit if a team is not ready to play at the published time within five (5) minutes of the mini games and within ten (10) minutes of the full-length games. At half time the teams must be ready to resume play within five (5) minutes of the referee’s designation.

9. There will be free substitution, with the referee’s consent, at the following times: A player receiving a yellow card (the player carded only) Prior to a throw-in for the team in possession.  (If the team in possession is substituting, the opposing team may substitute only if the request is granted by the Referee.)

Prior to a goal kick by either team After a goal by either team After an injury by either team, when the referee stops the play At Half time by either team (also quarter time for U4 and U8) by either team At the referee’s discretion.

10. Teams will play Mini Games in Preliminary & Quarter-final games. Semi-final and Final games will be full length. Half time will be five (5) minutes. (Under 4 and Under 8 do not play advancement games)




12. Unless otherwise specified, the following shall be used to determine advancement to the next level. Brackets with 3, 4 or 5 teams that play each other within the bracket, the team with the highest total points will advance from the bracket. Three team brackets that play crossover games with other three team brackets, the two (2) teams with the highest total points of the two (2) brackets will advance.

Preliminary games may end in a tie. If Quarter Final games end in a tie, F.I.F.A “kicks” from the penalty spot will be taken to determine the winner. If Semi-final or Final games end in a tie, two (2) 10 Minute overtime halves will be played, and if the game is still tied at the end of the second overtime period, F.I.F.A “kicks” from the penalty spot will be taken to determine the winner.

N.T.S.S.A scoring system for mini-games will be as follows: a. 6 points for a win b. 3 points for a tie c. 0 points for a loss d. 1 point per goal scored in the game with a maximum of 3 e. 1 point for a shut out (not allowing opponent to score) f. A forfeit game will be scored as a 3-0 win in calculating mini-game points for tie breaker determination.

13. In age brackets that contain flights with different #’s of teams, points will be determined on a 10-point system. All teams will divide points by total games scheduled.

14. N.T.T.S.A tiebreaker system for mini-games will be as follows: If two or more teams are tied in points after their mini-games are completed, the following tie breaker procedures will be used to determine the team advancing:  a. Head to Head game results

– winner will advance.

b. Most number of “shutouts” – team with most “shutouts will advance”.

c. Goal Differential – team with highest goal differential against opponents will advance (maximum of five (5) goal differential). For example a 7-0 game = 5-0 in calculating advancement. A 11-5 game = 10-5 in calculating advancement).

d. Fewest goals allowed – team with fewest goals allowed will advance. e. Fewest accumulation of caution points. 1 point for yellow

and 2 points for red. f. F.I.F.A “kicks” from the penalty spot – team winning will advance.

These tie-breaker procedures will be applied, in order, to the teams tied in points until one team is selected for advancement. In the event of a tie involving age brackets that contain flights with different numbers of scheduled games, then the same tie breakers are used with the exception that averaging to determine b, c, d and e will be used.

15. When determining “Wild Cards” if needed, the team(s) from all brackets with the next highest number of points will be selected after all bracket winners have been chosen. Age brackets that contain flights with different numbers of scheduled games, points will be determined on a 10-point system. All teams will divide points by total games scheduled in order to obtain equality with all brackets.

16. All scores, cautions, and send-offs shall be turned in to the Field Coordinator by the Referee. Misconduct reports must be given to the Referee prior to the start of each game (filled in completely). Game reports shall be turned in at the Site Headquarters  by both teams within thirty (30) minutes of the completion of their game. Both coaches should stop by the Site Headquarters before each succeeding game to verify that all scores, cautions and send-offs have been posted correctly.

17.. Any send-offs should be reported to the Tournament Committee immediately following the game. Any player sent-off (other than on account of receiving two cautions in the same game) shall automatically sit out the next played tournament game with their team (out of uniform) (unless the send-off occurred in the last game of the tournament for that player or coach, in which case such player or coach would be required to sit out their next scheduled game play).

Any coach sent-off shall automatically sit out the next played tournament game (may not be on the complex). Any player/coach receiving 3 cautions (yellow cards) in the tournament must sit out the next played tournament game with their team (unless the third caution occurred in the last game of the tournament for that player or coach in which case such player or coach would be required to sit out their next scheduled game played). The N.T.S.S.A Cup and Games A&D Committee has the right to hold a hearing and increase the suspension at its discretion.

Any player sent off must immediately report to the tournament headquarters with a manager or parent. Any coaches or spectators sent off must report immediately to the tournament headquarters. Note: The Soccer complex is defined as the property within the public access roads that surround the playing fields designated as P.A.R.D responsibility. This does include the parking lot.


18. If a game is played into the second half but is stopped short of full time, other than acts on the part of one of the teams, the game shall be considered complete. Full length games, if tied will be determined by the tie breaker procedure.

19. In the event the referee or a linesman is missing from the field, report immediately to your Field Coordinator. In the event the linesmen are not available, each team is required to provide a “club linesman”.

20. Nets and flags shall be provided. Both teams will be responsible for putting up and taking down nets and flags. The first teams to play each day will put the nets and flags, the last teams to play will take them down and leave them in one corner of the goal posts. Bring a supply of net stakes for your game. FAILURE TO TAKE DOWN NETS AFTER LAST SCHEDULED GAME WILL RESULT  IN TEAM(S) BEING INELIGIBLE TO PLAY IN N.T.S.S.A STATE TOURNAMENTS FOR A PERIOD OF ONE (1) YEAR AND FORFEITURE OF THEIR PERFORMANCE BOND WHERE APPLICABLE. In the event a net or other equipment is missing from the field, the game will be played at the discretion of the referee.

21. All teams not accepted by the tournament will be refunded in full within ten (10) days of the notification of rejection, or notification of the teams accepted, whichever comes first. (Posting on the web sites can be considered notification of teams accepted).

22. Any team that withdraws from the tournament less than two weeks from the start of a tournament or does not complete all required scheduled games, may not be allowed to enter any sanctioned tournaments until said team appears before the N.T.S.S.A Cup and Games Committee. The committee may issue sanctions to include suspension from tournament play.



23. In case of rain – HARD RAIN, NOT A SPRINKLE – Follow the tournaments weather guidelines. Tournament Refund Policy -

 If inclement weather cancels the tournament prior t o the completion of a team’s first scheduled game of the tournament, a

 maximum of fifty percent (50% ) of the team’s en try fee may be retained by the tournament to cover start-up cost of the tournament   For any assistance needed, see the Cup & Games Field Coordinator or call the tournament headquarters

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Complex Parking

There will be a onetime $5.00 parking fee per vehicle for the entire weekend, good for any parking area.  Please be sure to pass this information along to your parents so they will be prepared once arriving.