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Under 6 Boys and Girls

Basic Rules

  • No Coaches on the Field

  • 4 Players field and there are No Goalie

  • Minimum of 6 Players , Max of 8 per team 

  • Mandatory 50% game time

  • No Parents or Coaches behind Goal

  • Only coaches and mangers are allowed on team side of field. Parents and siblings please watch from the parent side.

  • A game consists of 4 - 8 minute quarters.

  • Soccer ball should be size 3.

  • When the ball goes out of bounds the team who did not touch it last, will throw it in.

  • Goal Kicks or Corner kicks are typical FIFA rules.

  • All kicks are to be indirect.

  • The fields are 20 yds x 30 yds and the goals are 6' x 4'.

  • All Henderson Soccer rules apply.


When a referee is not present go to the referee station to see if they have a replacement. If a referee for this age group is not available, coaches will need to referee the game.

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