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Under 11/12

Basic Rules For U11/U12

  • No coaches on the field.

  • No parents or coaches behind the goal.

  • Only coaches and mangers are allowed on team side of field.

  • 9 v 9

  • Mandatory 50% game time

  • 2-30 min  Halves

  • Offsides rule is in effect,

  • Throw in when ball is out on side lines.

  • Goal kicks or corners when ball is out of the end lines.

  • All penalties are indirect and direct kicks.

  • Fields are 47 yds  x 75 yds  and goals are 21' x 7'0".

  • Ball should be size 4.

  • Standings are kept.

    • No more participation trophies for league or tournament play.


  All Henderson Soccer rules apply.



Helpful Links for players and coaches


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