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Step 1

Understanding and Generating Paperwork

After getting your team registered via Gotsport for the tournament, the real work starts. This process can be over whelming, especially if it is your first time.  Prepare yourself by getting familiar with all the paperwork needed and allow time at team meetings for parents/players to properly fill out any forms needed.  You will even need to allow time to get signatures from coaches and associations.  The forms below are designed to assist you in understanding and gathering all the paperwork that will be needed for this tournament.

The form below is the check-in to do list, choose the one that fits your team.  They are designed to help you understand all the paperwork you will need for this tournament.  These form are easy to follow and allow you to check off the items as you complete them.

Step 2

Submitting your Teams Paperwork

It is becoming more common that paperwork submission is done electronically via gotsport.  This is the fastest and easiest method and will be used for this tournament.  Please take the time to read the “How to Submit Paperwork” instructions below.  Be sure you have all documents completely filled out with signatures, player ID, etc. before uploading.  It is also suggested that you bring all original paperwork with you to check-in.  Though electronic technology is great, hard copy back up will help resolve any issues out of your and our control.

The forms below will help you navigate to submit paperwork within Gotsport.

Step 3

Checking in Your Team

Every team MUST come to Check-in to pick up their welcome packet and to get game cards verified.  This is not the time nor place to fix and submit paperwork.  We have designed the check-in process to be quick and easy.  You will be asked to step out of line and go to the Tournament Directors area if you did not properly submit your paperwork or come without game cards.

Check in will start at 4:30pm on Friday of the tournament at Henderson Soccer Park.  We will stay there until the last Friday game is over or until there is no one in line to check in.  We will return on Saturday at 7:00 am.  You can check in as early as you would like, but no later than one (1) hour before your first game.



Please, please, please do not show up to check-in expecting to fix or complete your paperwork.  We offer plenty of time for teams to submit and correct paperwork, the deadline already pushes use to the last second.  Tournament staff works long hours to process paperwork and we spend countless hours reaching out to managers and coaches to help them get everything in order.  DO NOT wait until the last second or you will risk losing your money and being removed from the tournament.  We will not place you on the schedule until we have your paperwork and it is correct.


Once your team is accepted, you will receive an email as to uploading your documents into GotSport!

How To Print Your Official Roster

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Pass To An Event Roster

How To Upload Paperwork Into

How To Submit Paperwork

Manager Guidelines

Academy & U7-U10 US Club

Check In List For All Other Teams

Complex Parking

There will be a one time $10.00 parking fee per vehicle for the entire weekend, good for any parking area.  Please be sure to pass this information along to your parents so they will be prepared once arriving.

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